Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tears and tummy pains

I had a weird day today. First of all I woke at 6 and couldn't get back to sleep again. Then my tummy started hurting and went on hurting for the rest of the day. (The pain was low in my abdomen and felt like trapped wind mixed with period pain.) Then I was walking back from HR at around 2pm when I suddenly - and quite inexplicably - burst into tears. I subsequently spent ten minutes in a toilet cubicle sobbing my heart out. I also had a strange knotted feeling in my chest ...

I'm assuming it's the hormones.

Apart from these minor hiccups, I'm still extrememly excited about meeting my little man in a few week's time. Tomorrow we have our final scan. They want to check his kidneys, but I'm hoping we'll get another picture of his little face.

Lying in the bath tonight, I could make out his shoulder, his knee, his back and his bottom with my finger tips. It was a lovely feeling :-)

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