Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving me the elbow!

Only 3 more weeks until D day and I'm hoping and praying he's not late. My bump has changed dramatically in the past few days. It's dropping I think; at least I can't rest a cup of coffee on the 'ledge' any more. Plus I sometimes feel a sinking feeling in my chest; like the pressure has been lifted from my lungs and they're filling with air. Is this the quickening that people talk about?

A strange but remarkable thing happened the other evening; and had Robin not been sitting next to me when it happened, it would have seemed too unbelievable to share.

My belly button has totally stretched out and now resembles a flat disc of shiny, pale scar tissue. I was sitting on the couch and the baby was wriggling about, like he always does after food, when something pointy (like a little elbow) poked right out through my belly button! I kid ye not. It poked out by about 1.5cm before I pushed it back in again.

I was amazed, if not also a little freaked out by this and I'm now a little obsessed with his elbow ...

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