Sunday, December 6, 2009


Okay, something else no one warned me about was ... the antenatal snoring. I have started snoring so badly it's keeping Robin awake. As far as I am aware I never snored before.

The reason for my snoring is that from quite early on in my pregnancy I have gone to bed most nights with what feels like a blocked nose. This congested feeling is caused by the extra progesterone whizzing round my system and causes me to sleep with my mouth open ... which in turn makes me snore!

For most women, snoring in pregnancy will be caused by the same thing. However, you only have to do a quick Google search on pregnancy-related snoring to uncover some horror stories. For example in 1999 the BBC reported: women who snore when they are pregnant may be at risk of developing dangerously high blood pressure that could threaten their lives when they give birth (whaaaaat??) Other phrases I came across during my research included: retardation of the foetus ... neonatal morbidity and mortality ... predictor of preeclampsia ... lower birth weight and lower Apgar scores ... sign of excessive weight gain, etc etc etc.

Pah! I'm pretty sure my snoring is a hormonal thing and that as soon as the baby is born and my hormone levels have reverted back to normal, the snoring will cease. (She says with fingers crossed).

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