Monday, December 14, 2009

Coughs and sneezes spread diseases

Hmm ... I spoke to my mom on the phone yesterday and she is full of cold, which puts me in a tricky predicament.

A good friend of mine - Jackie - visited last week and one of the bits of advice she gave me (having had winter babies of her own) was don't feel bad about banning sick relatives from holding the baby.

Following the birth of her first child she'd reluctantly allowed a relative to cuddle the baby, despite being full of cold. She simply hadn't had the confidence to say no and what she ended up with was a sick newborn baby.

I know that you can't protect babies from coughs and colds forever - and breast milk is supposed to help them build up an immunity to such things - but I want to give my poor little munchkin a chance to settle into the big wide world before he's subjected to the horrors of a blocked nose and sore throat.

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