Thursday, August 13, 2009

It's a ...

... BOY!

We had the big 22 week scan today. The big scan. The sexing scan. And we found out that we are having a BOY! My sister heard me cry out in surprise from the waiting room - then heard me exclaim "I wasn't expecting that." I was convinced I was having a girl.

The baby's profile is very similar to Rob's particularly round the upper lip, which pleases me greatly.

The scan went well apart from a potential issue with the right kidney which had a little too much fluid in it for the sonographer's liking. Apparently the fluid should not exceed 5mm width and it measured 6.6mm. This suggests Prenatal Hydronephrosis (or swelling of the kidney) which is more common in boys and affects one in every 100 babies. There are several reasons why Prenatal Hydronephrosis happens including obstruction ... reflux (i.e. urine traveling back up into the bladder) and posterior urethral valves ...

At 6.6mm it would only be a mild case, but the sonographer requested that we come back for another scan at 34 weeks so that she can monitor the situation.

Funny thing is that Rob has the dodgiest water works of any human being I know ... I just hope the baby hasn't inherited them. Poor little fluff bucket.

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