Monday, August 17, 2009

Anomaly Scan - WARNING: may contain boring stuff.

I'm looking at the measurements from last week's scan and working out what it all means. Very tricky indeed.

Okay, so we have lots of measurements taken in millimetres.

Each measurement is shown on a graph which has a line down the middle indicating the 'average' point. A dot either side of the line indicates whether the measurements fall above or below the average (but still within a normal range).

Sooo ...

Fluff-bucket's 'normo-gram' measurements are as follows:
  • Skull/head measurements x 3 (BPD 57mm, OFD 73.3mm, HC204.7mm) - all above average.
  • Transcerebellar Diameter (TCD) - 22.6mm - average. (The measurement correlates almost exactly with gestational age and is used to help determine gestational age more accurately.)
  • Cisterna Magna (this is a tricky one to figure out ... I think it can indicate brain abnormalities if measuring over 10mm) - 6.4mm - slightly above average.
  • Nuchal Fold Thickness - 4.9mm (I believe anything under 6mm is considered normal).
  • Abdominal Diameter and Circumference measurements x 3 ( TAD 55mm, APAD 49.6mm, AC 164mm) - all average. (These measurements can help determine the baby's weight).
  • Femur Length (FL) - 37.7mm - slightly above average.
  • Estimated Fetal Weight (AC/FL) - 451g (1lb) - average. (Apparently there is a correlation between the Femur Length and the Abdominal Circumeference that helps determine the baby's weight.)
All in all nothing to worry about; I think the Fluff-bucket might just be okay.

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