Friday, June 19, 2009

Well meaning others ...

I've noticed that people feel the need to warn me about what horrors await: sleepless nights; exhaustion; dirty nappies; messy house; lack of money; loss of identity; blah blah blah ... and that's before they even get to the Hell that is labour and childbirth.

It's so disheartening.

I KNOW it's not going to be a bed of roses. I'd be foolish to think otherwise.

BUT I'm looking forward to having a family of my own; the love that comes from a mother-child bond; the joy that comes from witnessing each and every milestone; the pleasure that comes from seeing him or her smile ...

That's what I CHOOSE to think about right now, because soon enough I'll be finding my own way through motherhood and making my own decisions about what constitutes Hell and what doesn't.

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