Saturday, June 13, 2009

Scan 12 weeks, 4 days

Last Monday was the second scan and this time round the baby was 'old' enough to have the Nuchal Fold or Nuchal Translucency test (where they measure the width of strip of fluid in the baby's neck). Rob and I had already done some research into this and knew that anything in the region of 3mm could indicate downs. As it turns out, ours measured 1.3mm. I also had bloods taken and haven't heard back from the hospital so I assume the risk is low.

Our appointment was at 9.20, but when I went in for the scan, the baby was fast asleep. My heart skipped a beat when I saw it lying there as still as a stone. I asked the sonographer if she could see a heartbeat - which she could - and whether it was normal for a foetus to lie so still - which it is. To make matters worse, the baby was curled up which meant the first crown to rump measurement was shorter than it should have been.

No amount of prodding and poking could arouse the little button, so I was told to leave the room and walk around for a while to try and wake it up. After twenty minutes of walking, jumping, hip swinging and invisible hula hooping, the baby was awake and an accurate crown to rump measurement of 6.34cm was taken. So all good.

Estimated Date of Delivery (EDD) is 17th December. It seems so far away!!!

I still don't have a bump as such. I just look like I've eaten a few too many pies. And I have no other symptoms apart from a spotty face and sore boobs. Rob is loving the boobs already - this morning he asked how long they'll last after the baby is born, lol.

Tempted fate and bought a little baby toy this week. Have promised it will be the only one until the 20 week scan. Standing at the checkout waiting to pay for the toy I imagined holding my baby for the first time and nearly burst into tears. I must try not to think about these things in public :-)

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