Thursday, July 30, 2009

Half way there

I'm 20 weeks pregnant today - yay! Half way there.

So far I've been really lucky, suffering hardly any ill side effects from the pregnancy. No sickness, no food cravings, NO BUMP (I'm still in my regular clothes - just), no mood swings, no weird smell sensitivity and no stretch marks ... yet.

All I've had is a couple of weeks with a spotty face, 2 days of indigestion, sore boobs and a week of haemorrhoid hell. That's it. Oh, and an almost constant need to wee ... but hopefully that'll sort itself out soon.

I suspect the next 20 weeks will be a bit more taxing (I'm already feeling breathless) but I'm looking forward to my body changing as the baby grows and facing up to the challenges those changes might bring.

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