Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Baby's getting stronger day by day

18 weeks plus 5 days pregnant today.

I can feel the baby moving throughout the day every day now. I can tell that it's grown in a week because the movements seem so much stronger.

Last night whilst lying in the bath - very still - I actually saw my stomach (just above my pubic bone) move when the baby kicked. Is this the earliest anyone has ever seen their baby kicking or is this fairly normal?? I thought it was awesome and screamed downstairs for Robin to come quickly ...

He then spent five minutes staring at my stomach to no avail.

On the downside, I am piling on the weight. This is because I have stopped cycling five miles a day. I need to find another way to burn off the calories otherwise I will be enormous by the time the baby comes and that will make me sad :-(

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