Thursday, December 15, 2011

Third Time Lucky

Okay. So I'm pregnant again. Almost 17 weeks. The baby is due 28th May 2012. I've been sooo paranoid about this pregnancy after the miscarriage. Some bleeding in weeks 6 and 8 saw me visit the Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) at St Peters where I was given some reassuring scans which showed all was well. And things are still going well. I was able to hear the heartbeat using my trusty AngelSounds Doppler from week 9 and have been feeling the baby moving since around weeks 10 or 11. This pregnancy is so different from the first one. I have had morning sickness all the way up to week 15. My hair and skin is terrible this time round. And I've been so moody. I had none of this with Elliot. I'm convinced this one is a girl ... I find out on 12th Jan!!! Rock on Tommy!

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