Sunday, September 6, 2009

25 Weeks, 3 Days - 4D Scan

We just got back from the 4D scan, which was a wonderful experience. We learnt so much about our baby.
  1. He is definitely a boy.
  2. He is CUTE!
  3. He looks like his dad.
  4. He has big feet and long legs.
  5. He is camera shy.
  6. He likes to nestle his face into things.
  7. He weighs 1.8lbs
  8. He likes to touch his face (scratch mitts a must methinks)

The sonographer commented a number of times on how much he likes to nestle. She said he will definitely like being wrapped up tightly and held close. Aww.

Still images taken from the video can be found here: Share this album with anyone by sending them this public link:

1 comment:

  1. I just found your Blog! The 4D scan looks amazing :) he's beautiful.
    I hope the rest of your pregnancy continues well for you. and don't fret about being small, atleast your not as big as a house!! lol
    I'm having Twins early next year at 15 weeks, my Uterus is measuring at 20 weeks already. I feel huge.
    Take care!