Monday, May 25, 2009

Booking Appointment

I had my booking appointment last Wednesday with the midwife. The booking appointment is where the midwife asks you all about you and your partner's health as well as your family's medical history. I also had some blood taken and was asked to provide a urine sample. The appointment was an hour long but most of that time was spent filling in forms. From now on I have to take my own paperwork to and from each appointment. I also have to take a urine sample with me to every appointment - niiice.

The midwife was concerned about some funny turns I had a couple of years ago, so as a precaution she's referred me to a consultant at the hospital. I see the consultant in two week's time.

I still can't believe I'm pregnant. Most of the time I feel anxious that there's been a mistake. What if I go for my scan on Friday and the sonographer can't find a baby!!?? Or worse, there's a baby in there but there's something wrong with it. At the moment I'm not feeling particularly pregnant, which doesn't help.

Rob discovered on the Internet that my local maternity unit isn't a particularly good one - yikes! I know I really shouldn't be worrying about it yet, but when you read about mums and babies dying you can't help but wonder if you'll be next. Another hospital nearby rates highly in reports so I might chat to my midwife and see what my options are.

Roll on Friday for my scan!

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